Entries by Patch Aure

Just an Excuse

We all have been littered by motivational, inspirational messages on continuing forward amidst obstacles. And, I do mean “littered”. Or is “cluttered” a better term to use? As society continues to celebrate the underdog stories, I challenge: When and how do we determine whether an incapability to perform is not an excuse, but rather, a […]

Thank You for Hurting Me

Thank you for hurting me. When during my frosh years, I did not take the risk to be active in organizations because of my premature “burnout excuse”. This was one of my biggest regrets of my college life. Thank you for hurting me. When during my sophomore years I did not get something I thought […]

A Glimpse of the Superstars

Perhaps I have been blessed to be given a rare opportunity – a glimpse of how superstars do work they are the best at. Industry leaders. Industry shakers. And even industry creators. What separates them from the rest is not just their immense talents and resources, but rather the drive to achieve their crystal clear […]

Impressing or Expressing?

  My English mentor in my high school sophomore year, Sir Marvin, recognized my talent in creative writing.  I was glad to know that I have a particular strength that I can indeed be proud of.  As a young teenager then filled with my own personal insecurities, I was yearning to find that inner treasure […]

The Price of the Prize (of Greatness is Great)

Ten months being exposed to how the development sector’s problems, education-oriented goals & social impact driven motives are being married to business’s sustainable, viable & profit-driven objectives – I realize that the road to the true practice of CSR and social entrepreneurship is hard to travel. Talking about these seemingly feel-good things may be easy, […]

As the Phoenix Burns (Out)

“Rise up from the dust like a phoenix.” These words, from Bamboo the band’s “I-You”, resonated to my whole being.  It’s as if they created that line solely for my consumption – it’s as if the line is tailor-fitted to who I am. I’ve always been fascinated by the Phoenix who is in a never-ending […]

CSR Series: Baptism

Sometimes, baptism can be harsh.  Purification can be painful. All the things that happened may be a harsh spanking from Mother Nature to remember to take care of her.  Perhaps we should have a change in lifestyle? But still, after half a week of rainfall, the sun shines.  The aftermath of a purification, a symbol […]