Unrepentance and impenitence are unforgivable sins against the Holy Spirit


Mark 3:22-30. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

Unrepentance and impenitence are unforgivable sins against the Holy Spirit

Ignorance is bliss; but willfull ignorance is a grave sin, a blasphemy even. Yet to seek wisdom – the Word, the Primary Insight – is to dispose ourselves of ignorance and to bear a cross of responsibility for our insights, judgements, and actions.

As someone in the academe, I am called to teach, to study, to seek insights and wisdom, although it’s a process of trial-and-error. Perhaps an educator ridding one’s self of ignorance is a call for a sort of virtuous suffering. As we know more, we’re given more, and more is expected of us. This is the sacrificial aspect of the teaching vocation.

Unrepentance and impenitence are unforgivable sins against the Holy Spirit, precisely because a person who does not repent nor does penance is not seeking forgiveness. God is both just and merciful. I do not think this is in contrast to God’s unconditional love. If we arrive at the insight that we have sinned and judged for ourselves that we need to humbly ask for forgiveness, God will grant it.

But how can we find something that we do not seek? We must embark in our own personal journey towards humility and authenticity. This is the call to reflect and discern.

Businesses blindly pursuing profits at the expense of society, fanatics prioritizing defending their idols more than holding them accountable, and preferring a narrative or a side to “win” rather than to seek the most reasonable truth – we are in danger of committing blasphemy.

Open minds and open hearts lead to the nourishing of our spirits. But we must open our minds and hearts ourselves, because He will knock, but it’s up to us whether our doors would be opened.

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