Mark 16:15-18. Proclaim the Gospel to every creature

A definition of “proclamation” that seems resonates with me is: “a clear declaration of something”. There is clarity and importance inherent to a proclamation. The act of declaration means there is emphasis, a certain kind of resolve.

To me, I distinguish proclamation against proselytizing or in-your-face preaching. I find the latter ineffective in enriching the faith, in contrast to the stories and actions that Jesus exemplified. Thus, I frame proclaiming as “pro-claiming”, as in attesting to one’s claims and by extension, living and embodying one’s claims about the Good and the Truth.

Jesus sought the marginalized. Some would say that the Apostles were not very wise nor intelligent akin to Solomon. Yet, Jesus spoke in parables and questions that invited reflection, discernment, and discourse.

The parables are invitations to make sense of our thinking and feeling, to arrive at the Truth and Primary Insight through our own personal journeys. Thus, to effectively evangelize is to proclaim, as in to invite others to reflect on the purpose of our lives. Reflection goes beyond the sense-experience or the empirical; it requires the courage to appropriate one’s self and acknowledge our tendencies, desires, and goals in life.

To proclaim the gospel is to dialogue with each other, not to shove misinterpretations of the Word down an innocent’s throat.

Imagine if businesses and organizations provide services that go beyond hedonistic pleasures or alleviation of psychological pain; a value proposition that allows not just functional and emotional values, but even spiritual, transcendent, or at least purposeful meaning-making. Imagine advertisements that does not make you feel insecure about your appearance, but rather, allows you to treasure your loved ones through creative messaging.

As a businessperson or a consumer, can you imagine these? Hopefully, the answer is yes.

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