Faith is about humble reasoning and responsible action, not testing God nor the other

Mark 9:14-29. Help my unbelief!

I distinguish between “abandoning reason” versus “recognizing the limits of reason”. I can see the danger that this gospel could be misinterpreted: as if all that matters is an intention or a belief. But as the story of Job and the temptation of Jesus at the desert showed, faith is not about testing God, as in “Hah God is omnipotent, therefore He will save me!”…

… Rather, faith is about a humbled way of reasoning and a responsible way of acting that is oriented towards the Good.

When we say that we have faith in someone, what exactly do we mean? “I believe in you.” If we agree with the premise that it’s human nature to be good and to seek flourishing, perhaps it’s more appropriate to say, “I believe in your goodness”.

We have been gifted the ability to reason, to reflect, and to act. Aren’t these gifts the best manifestations of God’s intelligence, reasonableness, and responsibility?

Perhaps the invitation is not to think about faith and reason as a dichotomy, but instead, two sides of the same coin: virtuousness. Integral human development means the flourishing of the mind, heart, and soul.

Maybe the Lasallian vocation said it best: Lasallian teachers are called to teach minds, touch hearts, and transform lives.


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