Insight is inner sight

Luke 6:39-45. Be wary of hypocrisy and judgement of others

A unique trait humans have is the ability to self-identify and refer unto one’s self. This is also how we learn; we are able to identify our behavioral patterns and design an environment to correct it or exercise personal agency to correct ourselves.

It is easier and more convenient to keep up appearances, rather than to wrestle with our thoughts that no other people can know. But this is contrary to our natural desire to know and our destiny to flourish.

I wonder: what would happen if all people or students would be required to experience being an athlete, artist, or performer once in their lives? The discipline and self-critique required to improve one’s craft are evidently honed in these kinds of activities.

Acquiring an insight to ourselves is not about vanity, but about an inner sight grounded on authenticity. It is not about competing with others, but rather, mastering one’s self. There is beauty in this struggle – understanding the limits of our own agency; accounting for the structures, culture, and external context that affect how we think and act; and crafting, with faith and reason, strategies that reconcile our entanglement with God and our neighbors.


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