Words don’t die

John 8:51-59. Whoever keeps my word will never taste death

Words, stories, and insight – these accumulate into a culture and wisdom that do not die. In a sense, this could be how we could approximate an understanding of God’s immortality, omnipresence, and omnipotence.

The words, stories, insight of organizations shape their culture and collective wisdom. Employees and stakeholders can detect in the long run if businesses are just machines for greedy profit maximization rather than a sanctuary of human relationships.

Our physical bodies may pass away, but our friends, loved ones, and descendants can remember our stories and defining moments of our lives. We are flawed, but our struggle to be better despite our imperfections is what could inspire others to live a more virtuous life.

How do we want to be remembered? Maybe, at least, we can take comfort in trying to be a better or being the best version of ourselves, so that the next generation can imagine more possibilities towards authentic flourishing and integral human development.

In a sense, we are the authors of our lives. How should we punctuate it? Conforming to convenient societal expectations, or daring to harness our freedom to experiment until we live a life of love and vocation?

We may die but our words don’t. And hopefully, whoever listens may gain insight to who we are and how we became our best version.


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