The resurrection story is about how humans can encounter the divine

The resurrection story is about how humans can encounter the divine

John 20:1-9. The empty tomb

If we view the story of Jesus as a narrative, the characters of the disciples are definitely more relatable. Human, fallible, fearful, but striving to be better.

The resurrection is indeed an extraordinary and supernatural phenomenon; it is difficult (if not impossible) to prove through reason. Frankly and personally, the resurrection is not relatable — do I assume that I can and will be resurrected? If I believe so, am I not being too assuming or too entitled?

I think a more practical and relatable view of the resurrection is viewing it as an empathic encounter with the divine from the perspective of the most ordinary humans. It inspires faith that we can encounter God and Goodness Incarnate, for if it can happen in the most doubtful and fearful people, why not to other ordinary people?

In a sense, I feel (or have faith) that Jesus did not mean for us to rely on supernatural miracles. He lived a life of simplicity and love; only performing miracles due to mercy we cannot fully understand. Yes, the resurrection may be perceived as life after death; but I find more meaning in viewing it as a story where humans can directly interact with the divine and be inspired by the Purest Good.

In a way, what I find most inspiring about the resurrection is how it enabled ordinary disciples to be missionaries of virtue. And maybe that’s the moral of this story – that God blesses the ordinary who seeks to authentically flourish.


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