To advocate is to unite in spirit

I was not very familiar with how Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as the Advocate. This made me reflect on how often businesses and media use the word “advocate” or “advocacy”. It seems that John, as interpreted by the Catholic faith, takes a stand to say that the Advocate (i.e., the Holy Spirit) is inseparable from Jesus Himself.

If we extrapolate this into how we should view advocacies, we can give meaning to the latter as manifesting our own spirit – inseparable from our authentic selves. Therefore, to speak of and to act our advocacies mean we are manifesting our spirit towards a benevolent cause. To share advocacies can mean a sharing of our spirits with others.

Hindi ba ito ang klase ng bayanihan na tanda ng isang tunay na Pilipino? Walang perpekto sa ating mga pinuno o mga tinuturing na bayani. Pero makakakuha tayo ng inspirasyon sa buhay nila Rizal, Bonifacio, Heneral Luna, Mabini, Tandang Sora, at iba pa, kung paano nila ginamit ang galing at talento nila para sa ikagaganda ng Pilipinas.

Our natural tendency to be collectivist and to be hospitable can speak to the goodness of our race. Huwag sana natin gawing huwad ang kinagisnan nating pakikipagkapwa-tao at bayanihan.

John 15:26-16:4a. When the Advocate comes


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