Umami of the earth

Umami of the earth

Lately, I have been following the Uncle Roger YouTube channel (patok sa akin ang humor niya, haha!). One of his running memes is how MSG is the “king of flavor”, the one providing that umami taste to Asian dishes.

What I like about umami (versus the salty flavor) is that it is more complex. I recall some chefs describing umami as something that elevates the flavors that are already there. On its own, “umami essence powders” do not flavors that standalone. But mixed with other ingredients, they seem to provide a bolder and different taste experience.

If we are called to be stewards of socioecological well-being, isn’t “umami of the earth” a fitting figure of speech too aside from being “salt of the earth”?

There is something beautiful about not necessarily being the “main ingredient”, but rather, the missing piece that takes a recipe to the next level. Maybe the invitation is to harmonize with others, so that as we flourish, we allow others to flourish too.

Matthew 5:13-16. You are the salt of the earth, the light of the world

Errata: Yesterday, I did reflections for today’s gospel. Thus, for today, I’ll be doing reflections for yesterday’s gospel.


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