More about the means and less about the ends

More about the means and less about the ends

“It is the journey, not the destination.”

In the grand scheme of things, we are always in a process of becoming. Seldom, if at all, do we really have “ultimate destinations” in this world. There is always, “what’s next?”

Maybe the paradox is hyperfocusing on outcomes is short-term thinking; while paying attention to the present and our relationship with others is ultimately long-term and sustainability-oriented thinking.

When I find myself wanting to manifest certain goals, I feel more pressure to find shortcuts and cut corners. But there are also those transcendent flow moments like finding that groove in a band or chemistry in team sports that seems to be the pinnacle of being in the present and being one with others. Ultimately, this leads to more meaning-making and long-term flourishing.

One Piece and the recent NBA Finals have been welcome escapes from my busy academic life, but they also echo timeless lessons.

One Piece is less about finding treasures and being “Pirate King” at the soonest possible time; it is about being free to relate with others and align goals with our loved ones.

The 2022 ring of the Warriors seem to be sweeter compared with the all-star 2017 and 2018 ones, precisely because of the process. It felt more earned, rather than something an all-star team is entitled to.

Vision, desired outcomes, goals and ends – they are important. But they are not everything. In the grand scheme of things, they serve to be guideposts and milestones to be celebrated. Achieving goals provide opportunities for us to check how far we have become, but more importantly, how long we can still go in our process of becoming and flourishing.

Thus, it really is more about the means and less about the ends. Maybe a well-lived life is not about how many milestones and awards we share in our social media platforms, but more on the almost-infinite amount of meaning we’ve made along the way.

Matthew 7:6, 12-14. Do to others what you would have them do to you


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