How do we forgive ourselves?

How do we forgive ourselves?

Oftentimes, our worst critic is ourselves. And in our bid to be better, we sometimes notice all the little wrongs and sins that we commit regardless of how others perceive us.

I’d like to relate my reflection to the topic of self-realization, which was discussed in the critical realism online study space held awhile ago. What stood out to me is the definition of a “transcendentally real self”, which is a mixture of ego, embodied personality, and an unlimited transcendentally real being. (I know, it’s hard to understand!)

In a way, we are able to objectively define our “self” based on our past and consistent behaviors, thoughts, and tendencies. But at the same time, our sense of self cannot be reduced to these patterns and personality. Just as a caterpillar can be a butterfly and a seed can be a gigantic tree, we have the infinite (uncountable) potential to evolve and prosper.

There is a kind of peace in accepting our tendencies to do wrong; to acknowledge that we may tend to be impatient, irritable, or judgemental. This kind of self-awareness allows us to choose how we desire to grow and flourish.

For the religious, only God can grant full forgiveness for the truly repenting person. But practically for us, to authentically repent and forgive ourselves is simultaneous (I think). And what makes it easier is the knowledge that there are countless ways we can repent and do our penance.

And hopefully, we don’t repeat the same mistakes in a relatively similar context. When that happens, we’re just fooling ourselves.

Matthew 9:1-8. Your sins are forgiven


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