What do we give up when we pay attention?

What do we give up when we pay attention?

Paying attention means to focus. The thing with focusing is – we cannot fake or BS actually focusing on something. We cannot pretend to focus.

On a lighter note, I find parallels between focusing and the concept of flow in positive psychology. Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. To be in flow is to do a task for its own sake.

Therefore, to be awake and to be prepared in this context is to be authentic with being good, virtuous, and God-loving. This is another articulation of the greatest commandments: loving God and our neighbors with one’s whole mind, soul, heart. Naturally, with a full and authentic love, we pay attention.

And the thing with love is – it is something that we can infinitely give.

So when we pay attention for love’s sake, are we really giving up anything at all? Or are we infinitely creating, or at least contributing, to the flourishing of our beloved?

Matthew 24:42-51. So stay awake, because you do not know the day when your master is coming.


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