How are we blessed?

How are we blessed?

Sometimes I wonder how we label some things as blessings. In practical settings, it’s as if being blessed is synonymous with being lucky.

“I have a financial windfall, I’m so blessed! (or lucky?)”

“I won the first prize in a raffle, God heard my prayer! (or am I just lucky?)”

“My friends got infected with COVID while I didn’t, God saved me! (or am I just lucky?)”

But what if the outcomes were the other way around? The stock market plunged, and your savings were wiped out. You spent tens of thousands in lotteries, winning none. You seldom leave the house, yet you’re infected with COVID. Did God forsake you?

It is inappropriate to attribute to blessings what is merely attributable to luck. I’d like to believe and have faith that to be blessed is a function of earning God’s love while God continues to love us regardless. There should always be a sense of personal agency – one’s own power to manifest good intentions to good works.

The stock market plunged, and our savings were wiped out – do we continue to be good people anyway?

The real blessings are found when we grit, stay the course, and exhibit disciplined virtuousness through the most difficult challenges.

Luke 6:20-26. Beatitudes and woes


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