Welcome to PatchAure.com!

This is my personal blog (since 2010), which contains my thoughts on business, social entrepreneurship, CSR, education, and anything under the sun that may interest me or readers. I’m a writer at heart; and a proud Filipino as well. I treat this blog as a documentation of my growth and pursuit of wisdom – from my younger naive days to a hopefully wiser man.

I live by the writer’s code of “Write to Express, not to Impress” and “As the Words Write the Author”. The words fuse and become greater than their individual parts, coming alive to define what I stand for and what I advocate to the world. As I grow more, I give high premium to authenticity and insight.

You will find a smorgasbord of different topics aside from those that I will usually write on – some of which are music, book reviews, and poetry even.

Hopefully, my website helps you find your own authentic insights too.