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Flowing into good works

Flowing into good works When we experience flow or enter the zone when we do good works, do we not get a glimpse of what it means to channel a Higher Power? The good works that we do become testaments to who we are and who we will be. Our challenge is to be consistent […]

Carry that weight

Carry that weight There’s something about carrying the weight of the truth – it is both heavy and light. The experience of carrying the weight of the truth can feel like a paradoxical phenomenon. The weight of truth is a burden that many are afraid to bear, while at the same time, it can provide […]

Symptoms are not our foes

Symptoms are not our foes Symptoms are not our enemies, but rather helpful signals our body sends. Instead of only wishing for them to disappear, we should focus on what they reveal about our health. Being ill doesn’t always mean we lack something; it can also show that something is preventing us from feeling our […]

Timing and faith

Timing and faith Finding the right time means navigating time, space, and chance. Having great timing also presupposes that we have developed skills, talents, or even virtues so that we can take advantage of serendipity. The right timing also requires faith. This is because no matter how much we prepare ourselves, there are many things […]

How have we behaved?

How have we behaved? In dealing with each other, there are so many things behind the scenes that we can barely see or sense. The most tangible or concrete thing we can assess is our work or behavior. Why have we behaved in certain ways? Do our behaviors indicate a certain pattern that could define […]