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Lack of Policies or Lack of Execution?

Another corruption and graft related issue has surfaced in the Philippines.  According to Inquirer.net, there are officials who allegedly directed their pork barrel funds to bogus NGOs so as to pocket their assets. This is a bit frustrating, especially since this gives NGOs more negative publicity.  Yes, perhaps there may be some organizations who are […]

Proving Believers Right

I stumbled upon Seth Godin’s blog and he posted something about proving skeptics wrong. For basketball fans, one might be accustomed to superstars having the mentality to prove doubters wrong – people are motivated by those who disbelieve and bash them. As you read Seth’s blog, you will notice that he used to keep track […]

Copy Paste

Artists will always begin with a blank canvas; and if Murphy’s law, even in its most little ways of messing with an individual, distorts one’s creative juices then say hello to disaster. How can an artist innovate when it is downright challenging to invent new things? Can someone really sustain being original all the freaking […]

Carousel (Bamboo Acoustic Cover)

This song emits a feeling of liberation, of a journey to one’s home.  The voice of the song exclaims on how excited he is to go back to his roots, and live life anew.  Here is a take on Bamboo’s latest single from No Water No Moon repackaged version entitled “Carousel”.  You can visit the […]

Leap of Faith

Status quo Strangling one’s neck Preventing destiny cards to be drawn from one’s deck Leap of faith May be all that it takes To greet the dawn of a new life waiting No, it’s not safe No, some things one must forsake The road of kings is a road of thorns To traverse the latter, […]

Social VS Societal: Which is Which?

I write this post not to give answers, but rather, to ask necessary questions.  This is borne out of the simultaneous growth of two revolutionizing ideas: Social Entrepreneurship and Digital Entrepreneurship. As a student of business, one will encounter jargon that may be confusing at times.  Just a test, try defining these terms: Social Entrepreneurship. […]

For the Sake of It

    It seems that we find ourselves always searching for reasons.  Searching for meanings, for answers, for deeper purpose.  We judge and get judged based on the rationale behind what we do and what we say. As the world keeps on evolving, somehow we place arbitrary measures on what’s supposed to be the reasons behind […]

And Finally the Phoenix Rises

Courtesy of Google Images   This post was originally made by Ms. Joyce Andaya at http://wisdomusings.blogspot.com.  I am reposting this so that everyone may be able to read this wonderful and inspiring piece by the former Lourdes School Quezon City Principal.  Much respect, ma’am.   And finally the phoenix rises…is reborn… A thousand times beautiful, […]