“Rise up from the dust like a phoenix.”

These words, from Bamboo the band’s “I-You”, resonated to my whole being.  It’s as if they created that line solely for my consumption – it’s as if the line is tailor-fitted to who I am.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Phoenix who is in a never-ending cycle of painful death and majestic rebirth.  My fascination with the mythical creature dates way back in high school.

I honestly wondered, who would not be in love with the Phoenix story?  It tells a story of a young chick with all the big dreams of becoming a majestic Flaming Bird, for everybody to adore.  Then once it becomes who it wants to become, it must then face the pains of stepping down from the majestic glory and burning itself to ashes.  Death.  But the story does not stop in death, for a Phoenix emerging from the ashes, the dusts of pain, is a stronger creature compared to its previous incarnations.

My question: how long does the phoenix rise from the ashes after burning out?

How long is the recovery time?

How does it find the Herculean strength to rise up and vow to be stronger than before?

How does it muster the power to pursue its personal redemption?

How does it get the confidence that it will be stronger than before?

How can it get the self-assurance that same failures will not be repeated?  That it is past the foes and shadows it once feared to fought?

How does it overcome the fear?

The thing is, a phoenix needs to be stronger when it undergoes rebirth, because the previous status quo it once lived in will possess far greater challenges.

In facing uncertainty, having Father Time on its side allows the Phoenix to recuperate and complete the rebirth.


Intertwined, as if, as one

Emotions that picture battles not won

Hoping things will get better, not bitter

Making the fairy tale a true happy ever after.