Why is it that I find it easy to distract myself from studying finals, which I know is 30% of my final grade?

I find myself browsing Laker trade articles, 9gag, music sites, etc. Funny how “Focus” is one of my supposed strengths but I can’t even focus on studying for a final exam! Haha.

Is it because I do not care anymore? Or do I care, but not so much that I’d kill myself just to master the topics? Or am I tired of punishing myself to care for grades after a grueling term full of heavy academic and co-curricular activities?

I just want to finish this hell term. Then go back to shooting hoops, hitting the gym, strumming the guitar, writing songs for the sake of sheer expression and singing to someone how special she is (shoutout to you if your read this HAHA corny!), surf the net, play NBA 2K12, spend time with family and relax my life this Christmas.

Find time of thanks and giving glory to God, and asking for the strength to carry on and make true whatever dreams, ideals and ambitions I want for myself and for the people I love.

But for two more days, I’ll be patient. I’ll persevere. I gave it all this term, and now my entirety is longing for a TRUE vacation.