Does absolute power corrupt absolutely?

One of the most compelling themes of Suikoden II is the hero and his best friend Jowy’s supposed need for power to vanquish Luca Blight, the dictator. The hero was granted the Bright Shield Rune’s power, to which the hero used to side with the rebels and to recruit allies. Jowy was granted the more offensive-oriented Black Sword Rune, which Jowy used (or abused) to overpower foes, gain political clout within the dictator’s government and overcome the dictator from within through shrewdness.

Jowy was able to find a way to ascend through the ranks and manipulate Luca into a trap so that the hero and his allies could defeat the king dictator. Eventually, Jowy replaced Luca as king. Supposedly, the hero and Jowy are at the top of their ranks, and they can cease the war through a peace agreement.

However, Jowy felt compelled to continue, maybe because of the clamor of his kingdom to grow their empire. Jowy started with good intentions – working from within to overthrow Luca. But it is fascinating why Jowy didn’t stop. Was it “destiny”, because of the Black Sword Rune’s hunger for power and the offensive?

I wonder – if we humans would be given the power to overcome the supernatural, like evil spirits and demons, what would stop us from feeling hubris and dare conquer the heavens and God?

“Rejoice not because the spirits are subject to you, but because your names are written in heaven.” We are reminded that it is not about power, but being the best good persons we could be.

Luke 10:17-24. Rejoice not because the spirits are subject to you, but because your names are written in heaven