The Shepherd of shepherds, the Manager of managers

[DAILY GOSPEL INSIGHTS AND REFLECTION FOR MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION 1: JANUARY 1, 2022] The Shepherd of shepherds, the Manager of managers Luke 2:16-21. The shepherds visit the newborn Jesus. For this new year 2022, one of my resolutions is to honor and hone my writing / general insighting skills while practicing my Christian spirituality. I […]


Below are the highlights of this website.

Features different thoughts – random, yet focused.  As the words write the author! Songs I write, songs that others write, and songs I wish I wrote! My academic and professional research publications.  The pen is mightier than the sword!

Why blog? (Or, why should you read my blog?)

I have always wanted an outlet where I can write my thoughts and feelings.  My English high school mentor would always say, “Write to express, not to impress!”  To this day, I vividly remember those words.

Looking back at what I’ve written in the early 2010’s, I feel funny and embarrassed for myself.  Yet, I don’t want to delete them because they reflect how I viewed things from a perspective of unabashed idealism and a hint of naivete.  Most of them were written during my undergraduate college years.

Things change, time marches on, and we move along.

This virtual place is where I offer drops of my bits in this ever growing world of bytes. Hopefully, some drops will be powerful enough to create ripple effects.