The Accelerators of Growth

The world is a long journey towards perfection.

This is why I believe people innately pursues growth and learning. This is why there is a theory on evolution – living entities will find ways to grow and evolve.

Now, let’s go to the main topic of this post.

What is the most efficient and effective way to accelerate growth?

I can already hear different kinds of answers – passion, internal motivation, drive, luck, circumstance, environment, etc.

But my answer to this is through mentors. Mentors are the accelerators of growth.

A mentor’s wisdom proves to be invaluable knowledge to the learner. Mentors are able to focus on the necessary learning. A great mentor does not rely too much on a textbook or a traditional set of guidelines. They provoke thought. They paint the blacks and the whites amid the gray areas of life.

Mentors help learners take the steps towards the long journey of perfection.

As I finish this rather short post, I want to leave this insight regarding perfection. People start as learners who thirst for growth and fulfillment of dreams. Through time, they age and attain wisdom. Some dreams are fulfilled, some dreams are not.

Then another generation of learners come around. The experienced now serve as mentors, and their mistakes and unfulfilled dreams are passed on to the next generation of learners. The learners exceed the mentors, then the another batch comes in… the cycle continues.

Mentorship accelerates growth. As generations of mentorships, from father to son and from mother to daughter, continue to happen, humanity will be approaching perfection in the soonest possible time.

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