The Confessions of a Writer

I do not like IQ tests. I do not like puzzles. But ironically, I love to think.

Too much sometimes, that I tend to overthink or overanalyze things. And since thoughts trigger emotions, my thirst for thinking results in various bursts of my emotions. Then from emotions comes the need for creative expression.

This is why I write. The pen and paper, or the keyboards and monitor, are my symbolic brush and canvass by which I am able to paint the thoughts inside my head.

But if I want to express my thoughts, why not indulge in public speaking?

For a natural introvert, who sometimes does lack the confidence to voice out ideas through voice, my sanctuary is in writing. The ability to craft every word and juxtapose them in a creative flow of ideas is very evident in writing. You can think, take your time, and make sure you get the right points across. All of these are much more difficult in speaking.

I always loved the idea that the pen is mightier than the sword. A piece of writing can strike simultaneously a huge number of hearts and minds, while a sword can only do so one at a time.

Writing is a sanctuary to creatively express one’s self, and provoke others to THINK. In this world of increasing apathy, I believe in the power of provoking others to think through writing.

Written words are tangible instruments that can successfully generate intangible feelings. Writing is like passing the torch of emotions to anyone who dares read the words.

I love the challenge of using a thousand words to create a more powerful imagery. An even greater challenge is to use less than a thousand words to create the greatest possible imagery.

Some people think writing is corny. Or nerdy. Or boring. But to me, writing is a venue where one can masterfully express his innermost thoughts and emotions.

Thoughts and emotions. They will always overflow. And there will come times that one must express them.

Suppress your thoughts and emotions, then they’ll find their ways to go out of control.

Find your own way of expression. Find your own way that you can create an epidemic idea. Communicate your thoughts and emotions.

I found mine in writing.

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