Recently, I have explored how various devices have allowed us to be online anytime, anywhere.

Most of us now have iPhones and tablets and laptops and WiFi and everything.

Then it made me ponder: do our cravings for instant connection resulted from technology, or did we innately have that need to connect instantly?

Did Facebook create the need to connect, or did it just address the existing need?

Do people really need to update the world a tweet at a time?

I do not know the answers. But one thing is for sure: the digital revolution and our capability to instantly connect will reshape many facets of the world.

Imagine accessible education, a video conference away from letting a teacher literally simultaneously teach millions of people from different countries.

Imagine making long distance relationships more bearable.

Imagine students bringing thousands of books everyday without feeling fatigue – all of them are stored in a tablet.

We live in exciting times. The challenge now is utilizing our renewed capability to instantly connect to innovate organizational processes, execute previously unimaginablr projects, and just redefine the boundaries of what is possible.

The world is changing, fast. Those who are stubbborn and refuse to adapt will be left behind, while a promising future awaits the eager learner and innovator.

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