The Story Behind “Overprotective”

Was there ever a time when you’d imagine yourself as a fairy tale character in a fairy tale ending?

One peaceful afternoon, I just wanted to be alone in my room, with guitar at hand.  It was one of those days when I’d just like to play songs, covered or those that I composed.  As a songwriter, I know that I lack technical music stuff and the theories and the godly skills, but heck!  Songwriting, for me, was an avenue of expression.  Much like this blog.

For some reason, I plucked a variation of the C#m, A, and B chords with open 1st and 2nd strings.  I was, hmm, hypnotized by the tune then boom! Like a spark waiting to be ignited to the fullest, all these words flowed in my head.  The story began to unfold myself.

Suddenly, I was this prince charming guy in my own fairy tale world, where I can’t help but feel overprotective for the princess or heroine.  In reality she’s strong, but in my bias and behind these eyes I exaggerated her weakness – all in the name of painting myself as the “overprotector”.

The end product of the massive imagination – my original song entitled as “Overprotective”.  Below is one of its renditions, featuring a violinist – and amazingly, the one the song is dedicated to.  Haha!

I hope you enjoy!





You make it seem
That you need a guardian
You can trigger the dormant chivalry in man’s heart

‘Coz your heart
Brittle as glass
And your skin
So silky delicate

Well that may not be the case
But you got me believin’

That I am your knight and surely I’ll treat you right
That I am your knight and surely you won’t need to fright

You got me
Very anticipating
Of every move you’re gonna gonna make
You make me want to ride my horse
and save a princess in distress
Drive the monsters away and
Keep the bad dreams at bay and
Hug as night turns to day and
Kiss the worries away

Like a fairy tale, you got me overprotective
A gentleman’s wish – to keep his princess safe

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