“Gigil” versus a sense of peace


“Gigil” versus a sense of peace

Mark 4:35-41. Quiet, be still!

Gigil. Overexcitedness. Angst. In high school, I thought (and maybe felt.. Thanks, puberty and hormones!) that this is the mindset when doing course work, basketball training, or other activities I find valuable or potentially flow-inducing.

As I continue to mature, I realize that the best state of mind is that of peacefulness; stillness; mindfulness; presence. Some would characterize this as zen; others, an “insight state of mind”. In a sense, maybe this is parallel to or adjacent with flow, where we dissolve our ego and focus on the task at hand. Eliminating distractions; only our thoughts and actions matter at a specific time. From a spiritual perspective, perhaps this is the Holy Spirit imbuing us with a consuming fire.

In today’s world, we are always looking to supercharge our senses. But we also need to rest, to step back, and to focus on where we are, not what storms distract us from being centered.

Peace be with you and your spirit. Such a powerful prayer and greeting. Peace and serenity goes together with courage and wisdom. Accepting uncontrollables, changing our controllables, and insight to discern which is which.

In a world of instant gratification and hasty judgements, we need to relearn how to delay gratification and suspend judgement.

Maybe then, peace can be with us.

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