On vocations and callings

On vocations and callings

Luke 5:1-11. The calling of Simon the fisherman

Did the Apostles follow Christ because of mere awe towards His miracles?

The beauty of Christ’s miracles is that it is not about His ego nor personality. It is always about others. And maybe that’s why Jesus did not want others spreading hearsay about Him, because it could send the wrong message. We have the tendency to focus on the leader’s person and ego, rather than his vocations and virtues.

When we are called to respond to our vocations, it is the same call to shift of our focus from ego to others. It seems like a paradox: the act of authentic and critical reflection affords us self-appropriation, which may apparently be a selfish activity. But this same activity allows us to get in touch, even by a bit, with the Primary Mover, Cause, Designer, and Insight. In this sense, self-reflection is an authentic pursuit towards fulfilling our image and likeness of God, whose other name is Love.

It’s easy to be enamored by charisma and miraculous spectacles. Of course, Jesus possesses these. But these are distractions from why we are called to our vocation; it is not to appear superior, charismatic, nor spectacular. Rather, it’s about acquiring a thorough yet evolving self-understanding, understanding our role or niche in God’s grand design, then fulfilling it for the common good.

Spectacular successes feed the ego, but vocations nourish the authentic soul.


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