The unseen interior

The unseen interior

Mark 7:14-23. The things that come out from within are what defile

“Perception is real, and the truth is not.” Lauren Greenfield’s documentary on Imelda Marcos captured this remarkable quote from the former first lady. This statement epitomizes the age of post-truth and the battle of narratives. How have we come to this point?

The age of social media was supposed to democratize content creation and provide real channels for the public to voice out opinions. Yet, too often, we as a society like to prioritize our sense-experiences, maximizing pleasure and avoiding pain. Maybe we have fallen to the trap of extreme hedonism instead of being stoic or choosing self-restraint. It is easy to ride an emotional wave, engage in cancel culture or even outright trolling, for the sake of sensual pleasures. We may have neglected our unseen interior, i.e., our capacity to reflect, in favor of dopamine hits.

Facts became a matter of preference; arguments are not about the truth but the personality or idol we have become fanatics of. (Side note: I do not think Jesus intended to have followers who are fanatics; He wanted His Apostles and the audience to arrive at virtue-oriented conclusions based on their own insight journeys.)

This coming national elections and with the official start of the campaign period, I anticipate more mudslinging and throwing of bullshit from fanatics from all camps. These are the things that come from within that defile.

If we settle on believing that perception is real and the truth is not, this is the same as accepting a life of bullshit – stenching and defiling our person and our spirit.

Is this the life we have agreed to live? If yes, then the devil has manifested his greatest trick: an illusion of pleasure, but a defilement of the spirit. And we are complicit.


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