Gardens and jungles

Gardens and jungles

Mark 9:41-50. Avoid causing the little ones to sin

In terms of avoiding sin and choosing virtue, half the battle is the context: are you in a garden of paradise or a jungle of survival and temptations?

I’ve come to realize that the best way to avoid sin is to avoid putting oneself in situations filled with temptations. Since we are naturally imperfect, we all have our weaknesses. And sometimes, discernment cannot necessarily cure our flaws, but at least it can help us recognize our weaknesses so we can avoid situations where we are prone to sin.

Thus, if managers should embrace the vocation of a business leader, one of their mandates should be to design a working environment that facilitates good work and avoids temptations. Our behaviors are both a product of our agency and the structures that surround us.

If we are blessed with the power to cultivate gardens and avoid jungles of survival of the fittest, then we should be compelled to choose the former. If a marginalized person sins primarily because of an environment he is not able to escape from, I surmise that God will show mercy. But if a person who was blessed with power still chooses to sin regardless of their environment, then I surmise God will exact justice.

To whom much is given, much is expected. If you can, avoid jungles and be in gardens.


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