In pursuit of personal change

In pursuit of personal change

Luke 9:28b-36. The transfiguration of Jesus

The transfiguration is a mystical event, a form of literal metamorphosis; a radical change or conversion. Should we aspire for our own version of transfiguration?

I do not think it is necessary. I remember one of my dad’s favorite quotes he uses in his speeches: “The only permanent thing in this world is change. Change can be so constant that you could not feel the difference.”

A virtuous cycle of reflection and action towards flourishing can feel like there’s no difference. I feel that there is elegance in this subtlety, because this kind of change does not beg for a spectacle to happen. The accumulation of insights, wisdom, and virtues can be like an hourglass gently dropping the sands of time.

Isn’t this more authentic? To some, discipline and consistency are boring, compared to buzzwords of disruption and innovation.

But there are times when boring consistency (ala Tim Duncan) is more authentic and resilient than a spectacle of temporary disruption. Personal change need not be radical; it could be as slow as the steady tortoise who is sure of his integral development and flourishing.

Inch by inch, bit by bit, we can become better today than yesterday.


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