We are predisposed to seek light

We are predisposed to seek light

John 8:12-20. I am the Light of the world

Light serves to be a symbol for so many positive things. When we feel lost in the dark, we seek the light at the end of the tunnel. When we encounter a eureka moment, we say that we are enlightened.

Light, whether dim or bright, cannot be ignored. We are drawn like flies to light in the dark no matter how dim the light may be. A very bright light can be blinding at first but as our eyes adjust, we become fascinated or accustomed with it, even taking it for granted from time to time.

We only have to look at how children naturally seek to know and grow, daring to ask without regard to political correctness; daring to experiment with faith that their parents would be there to help them stand when they fall.

In our quest to project being rational or being coldly objective, we have tried to (imperfectly but usefully) model costs and benefits akin to an economic man (homo economicus) seeking to maximize utility and lessen costs. We find comfort in simpler models and metrics, mistaking profits as light itself when it is but a refracted and limited color of light.

How can we make ourselves and organizations be more authentic, natural, and integrally developed? Maybe we ought to listen more to our inner voice which may be subconsciously conversing with the Primary Light.

No matter how tempting dancing party lights may seem, the Sun will always outshine them. It’s on us to go out of our darkened rooms and seek out the Sun.


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