To stand on the shoulders of giants

To stand on the shoulders of giants

When we provide authentic care and nourishment, we allow a person to flourish – to somehow become more or be better than he was before. In a way, the one providing care plays the role of a “giant”, and the one being cared for is the humble little one relying on the shoulders of the caregiver to appreciate insightful perspectives.

Time comes when the one being cared for becomes too heavy or does not need anymore to stand on the shoulders of a giant, or he would seek an even bigger giant to stand shoulders on. When the one receiving care becomes bigger than the giant, should the latter feel insecure?

I think no. If any, the giant’s shoulders may have been the foundation by which the person was able to stand on and grow. Nothing can takeaway that value.

It’s apt that “standing on the shoulders of giants” is a metaphor used in research, because young researchers rely on the insights of the giants before them, before these young researchers can become “giants” of their own.

And this cycle of letting others stand on our shoulders, isn’t this what the advancement of civilization is all about?

Like a parent immensely joyful due to the child’s growth or a mentor immensely joyful due to a mentee’s growth, euphoria and love is not necessarily self-centered, but rather, they are self-with-others.

When we stand on the shoulders of giants, we also place a piece of them on our shoulders.

John 21:15-19. Feed my lambs, tend my sheep, feed my sheep


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