Some reflections on action research for transformation (ART)

Some reflections on action research for transformation (ART)

We are fortunate to have Dr. Hilary Bradbury be our Distinguised Visiting Professor for the past weeks. She has advocated action research for transformation (ART), and I find that the ART metamodel, which I try to simply describe from learnings as a researcher managing the relational, conceptual, and experimental spaces to effect a desired improvement in socio-ecological well-being.

While listening to the homily today, what stood out to me was how the Catholic view of the Trinitarian God can be aligned with ART.

The Trinitarian relationship between the three persons but one God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) can serve as an anchor for how improving the quality of relationships (relational space) among the action researcher and other stakeholders is vital to attempt the pursuit of what is Truly Good.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit, particularly knowledge and wisdom helps inform the conceptual space and theorizing in ART.

Active works of faith and virtue is encouraged by the experimental space in ART. Furthermore, under the general empirical method, decision and action are the culmination of insight that is manifested in the real world.

The gospel for today speaks about the Spirit of Truth, and I find solace that there is a research orientation and methodology like ART that can help approximate what supporting the Spirit of Truth means. Thus, we embrace the challenge transcending our ego and adopt a mindset and “heartset” that is self-with-others.

John 16:12-15. The Spirit of Truth


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