How does faith save us?

How does faith save us?

Aside from the supernatural, how does faith save us?

I can only speak from personal context. And in a way, faith allows me to be “sane”; for without it, everything can feel meaningless and pointless.

Some may define faith as believing without evidence, but for me, faith has actually encouraged me to look for evidences and recognize their limits. Faith can force a truly reflective person to be humble, because we realize how powerless we could be in a pessimistic sense. But in a more hopeful perspective, it can encourage us to “help it be”, to notice structures and cultures that may be predisposed to benevolence, and be a spark to help things happen.

Filipinos are very familiar with “bahala na!” The best form of “bahala na” is not when we surrender without action nor agency; it is when we exhaust our reason and agency then let the Higher Power take over.

After all, the most powerful prayer is that which we act upon, because in that moment, we allow ourselves to become embodiments of love and flourishing.

And it is in loving that we save ourselves and others.

Matthew 9:18-26. “Courage, daughter! Your faith has saved you.”


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