Hierarchies are for roles, not for persons

Hierarchies are for roles, not for persons

Sometimes, we let hierarchical positions, especially those that bestow powers, get into our heads. We have learned in organizations that certain hierarchical configurations are important for proper leadership and engagement of other members. However, we should not let the roles we play or the positions we are in to define who we are as humans and persons.

One of the most powerful and enduring concepts of leadership from the Christian faith is that of servant leadership – that the leader is not to be served, but the one who actually serves.

And I kinda see this as a central theme or tension in the Spider-Man No Way Home movie (at last it is available via Netflix!). Heroes have superpowers and they may feel that those superpowers entitle them to certain perks.

But the moment the heroes use powers for selfish gains is the moment that they also become villains.

In any multiverse, with great power comes great responsibility. And this is the burden of a hero who wants to stay authentic to one’s principles.

A person does not become a leader because he is powerful. A person becomes a leader when he treats his power as a gift that uplifts everyone around him.

Matthew 20:20-28. The Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve


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