Devotion and flow

“… Sells all that he has and buys it.” I find more meaning in interpreting this from a figurative sense, when a person devotes oneself totally to anything. I also find inspiration in the concept of flow or being “in the zone” and sports.

What really amazes me about Steph Curry’s sustained excellence is how devoted he is to his craft. This devotion has allowed him to seemingly blur fantasy and reality especially in terms of the kinds of shots he takes (logo threes, half-court shots). No player, especially during high school, will ever be encouraged to take the kinds of shots Steph takes.

As all superstar athletes would say, these kinds of groundbreaking performances rely on reps, a devotion to the craft. The reward is in the act itself, and it becomes a positive reinforcing cycle – a “virtuous cycle”.

In a sense, there is a glimpse of heaven during those times where we are in a state of flow doing an activity that is pro-flourishing. But to enter that state requires a dissolution of ego and attachments, to “sell” everything we have, for that moment of flow.

Maybe the invitation for us is to find those persons or activities where we could be inspired and devoted – spaces where we are truly interdependent in making each other flourish more than we could alone and before.

Matthew 13:44-46. He goes on and sells all that he has and buys it.


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