Heaven is about becoming

Heaven is about becoming

What is a “winner”? Is being a winner the destination?

It is NBA season once again, and it is always a pleasure for basketball fans to discuss and pick which team will win the championship. The Golden State Warriors look to defend their championship.

And “defending the championship” is an apt phrase; winning or being a winner is a constant process of playing as best as possible. Being crowned a champion is such a fleeting moment in the greater scheme of things; what matters more is the consistency and track record.

In that sense, maybe heaven or perfection is less of a destination but more of a process. Since perfection is impossible, perfectionism is a futile and unnecessarily stressful activity with insurmountable standards. What is more reasonable is excellencism – a disciplined pursuit of better, whether incremental or innovative, built on good habits (virtues) reflected upon and acted on, with the humble acknowledgement that we are limited but we can always strive to be better.

If heaven is like the mustard seed, the inspiration is not that heaven is a big tree; the insight is that we humble mustard seeds can choose a virtuous (but difficult) process towards our thriving. That challenging (but engaging) process is what heaven is about.

Luke 13:18-21. The parable of the mustard seed


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