The responsibility of those who are well enough

The responsibility of those who are well enough

It takes a sober understanding of ourselves to recognize if we are well enough to carry on or if we need help.

If we are not careful, the toxicity could go both ways: toxic positivity can make us pretend that we do not need help, while toxic negativity can drain the mood out of everyone we deal with.

The inconvenient responsibility of those well enough is to resist temptations – whether it be projecting we are better or worse than we really are. It feels like a dull march or the behind-the-scenes training of athletes and artists. We are growing, but it feels slow and sometimes even soul-sucking.

The moment we fool ourselves into believing we are worse or better than we are, we also deprive ourselves of a real opportunity to grow and flourish. The worst is when we inadvertently steal the resources that could otherwise be better invested in those who fare worse than we are doing.

Being “well enough” is not a very exciting place. Maybe it is like a feeling of “meh”, almost languishing, but not really.

But it is an opportunity to power through. And with faith, “the father who sees in secret will reward you.”

Mark 2:13-17. “Those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do.”


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