Of adventures, treasures, and clichés

Of adventures, treasures, and clichés

Franco seems to like stretching his arms after we remove his swaddle. He’s so animated when he stretches!

His movements reminded me of a game I used to play when I was around 3 years old when I’m alone and bored. I would imagine a fantasy world while lying in bed – acting out anime moves (kamemaheha!) and different characters. (Yes, sometimes, toys just don’t cut it!)

So many stories have been told about fantasies and searching for treasures (Dragon Ball, One Piece), which is typically found in the shonen genre of Japanese manga and anime. The cliché would be something along these lines:

“It’s the journey, not the destination.”

“The true treasure is the friends we made along the way.”

From a passive viewer’s perspective, these clichés seem dull or even corny at times.

But as I embark on a new journey as a father and also reflect on what we’ve been teaching about managing and organizing… the clichés seem so true when we are not viewers anymore, but proactive actors in the stories we write.

And as I start this journey, my hope is that I won’t be taking anything for granted – be it the clichés or the unique things that would make us different from the journey of others.

It’d be such a thrill to both witness and help Franco in his battles and journey towards becoming the best version of himself!

Luke 4:24-30. But he passed through the midst of them and went away.


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