Hangry for food for the soul

Hangry for food for the soul

My wife has developed this sixth sense where she can tell if I’m hangry (hungry + angry). Or maybe it is obvious to her, but to me it is not immediately so.

She’ll notice that I am more irritable and impatient. But to me, I feel… Normal? Or I’m not able to catch myself changing my mood right away.

And maybe that’s the thing with feeling hangry – we are not our best because we lack something essential. We are not at peace.

The challenge is that we can be not only physically hangry, but also mentally, emotionally, socially, and even spiritually. If we are not mindful, our hangry-ness in these dimensions of our well-being can become lasting. How tragic would it be if our entire personality is just about being hangry all the time?

We need food for the soul, and it’s not something we can easily order at a click of a button. It is something we find, marinate, and cook for ourselves.

John 6:35-40. Jesus said to the crowds: I am the bread of life: he that comes to me shall not hunger: and he that believes in me shall never thirst.


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