How can our hearts avoid being troubled?

How can our hearts avoid being troubled?

These past few days, my barely 2-month-old son caught a persistent cold and had fever-like symptoms. I had to go to work, so it was my wife who shouldered bulk of the burden caring for Franco.

Understandably, we had some fears. We consulted medical professionals (special thanks to Franco’s Ninong Doc TJ!) and got medications.

Compared to when Franco had newborn jaundice during his first two weeks, I felt more peaceful this time. Maybe it’s because we have adjusted quite a bit already as parents. Franco’s huge appetite for milk was still there. He was more fuzzy and irritable, but he’s still able to sleep.

I found myself thinking, “namana niya pagkasipunin ko (he inherited my being prone to colds)”, but at the same time, I had this confidence (or is it faith?) that this is actually a good thing in the long run – at least, his body and immune system are being tested with a small challenge that he is likely to overcome.

My reflections these past few days have been about rearticulating my understanding of faith. Troubles will come, and it’s easy to let our hearts be affected negatively.

But faith is about the heart and mind, so when the heart feels troubled, maybe our minds can intelligently find ways to be reasonably confident. When our minds feel overburdened, our hearts can seek safer spaces for rest.

And with serendipity, our spirits can be lifted.

John 14:1-6. Let not your heart be troubled.


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