Our first paracletes

Our first paracletes

Witnessing my wife become a mom made me appreciate more how our respective mothers are our own paraclete. Being a mom can be like a thankless job – being an authentic mom means it is a mom’s job to shower all the love she can to her child; and going above and beyond is within the job description.

The best work of moms are behind-the-scenes. I have come to learn that the best mark of great parenting is when a child is very decent. There’s no spectacle, only consistent decency and virtue. The child’s courage emanates from the empowerment their mom has allowed them. It is okay to get hurt, because there is a home. And when there are wins, there is a space where the wins can be shared, talked about, or even teased about.

This mother’s day, let’s be grateful to our first advocate, counsellor, and helper. Cheers to our paraclete personified!

Bing AI conversation:

The paraclete is a Christian biblical term that occurs five times in the Johannine texts of the New Testament¹. It is derived from the Greek word paráklētos, which means “advocate”, “counsellor” or “helper”¹². In Christian theology, the paraclete commonly refers to the Holy Spirit, who is sent by Jesus to comfort, guide and testify to his followers¹.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 5/14/2023
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John 14:15-21. And he shall give you another Paraclete, that he may abide with you forever.


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