We are all blind (and that’s okay)

We are all blind (and that’s okay)

Mark 8:22-26. Jesus heals a blind man

Maybe we’re familiar with the story of the blind men and an elephant, each having their personal version of what an elephant is based on part of an elephant a particular blind man can sense (even if limited).

To us who have the natural desire to know, the inquisitive nature of our curiosity, having a part of our senses impaired can feel very frustrating. Yet, in many ways, we have our blind spots and biases. We have our pet peeves, our favorite ice cream flavor, or a Netflix series we love to hate.

And that’s okay.

When Jesus commanded that we love God (as in, we love Love) and to love our neighbors as ourselves, perhaps that is the invitation to cure our spiritual blindness. Our natural desire to know would compel us to seek a Higher Power, and the new commandments of Jesus are great guidelines.

It is in loving others as ourselves that we are somehow able to manifest more our likeness of God.

Just as the blind men can only better approximate what an elephant is by relating with each other, we can only better understand God (yet limited still) by loving each other.


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