Did Jesus have a messianic complex?

Did Jesus have a messianic complex?

Mark 8:27-33. Who do you say that I am?

Peter said He was the Messiah, but Jesus forbade the disciples to publicly label Him as such due to the political connotations and misinterpretations others may have about Him. Jesus also shared his views on suffering and virtues.

The irony is that for someone who is supposed to be the True God, He did not seem to carry Himself with humanly hubris or a messianic complex. When people think of the King of Kings, we think about extravagance; but Jesus preached humility. Emperors thirst for power; Jesus radiated and is actually Love Incarnate.

I have a growing belief that anyone who claims to be the second coming of God is most likely a false messiah. Imagine the bravado one must possess to proclaim that he is the messiah, when even the True Messiah did not permit His followers to publicly brand Him as such.

Thus, as Fr. Dave Concepcion mentioned in his homily today, the imperative to any authentic Christian is to seek a personal encounter with God, and not merely believe hearsay or mindlessly take in traditions and formulas without a personal deep understanding.

Personally, the professorial vocation and how the wise philosophers characterized God have allowed me to encounter Him as the Primary Insight, the Alpha, the Intelligent Designer. The world, our ecosystems, and even ourselves just make too much sense to be mere accidents of creation.

I pray that You may encounter Him in your own personal way too.


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