Because we’re fallible, we need evidence

Because we’re fallible, we need evidence

John 4:43-54. “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will not believe.”

When Jesus mentioned “You of little faith!” or “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will not believe!”, is this necessarily a negative judgement of us?

It fascinates me that after Jesus expresses how we have to rely on evidence before we believe (e.g., doubting Thomas story), He does good and performs miracles anyway. Yes, blessed are those who don’t see but do believe. But is it reasonable for someone to take something at face value and immediately believe?

The limits of our understanding prevent us from fully understanding the supernatural or the existence of a Higher Power. And I think Jesus knows this. If we interpret His words regarding our little faith not as a value judgement but more of a statement of fact, we better understand that His teaching is not about blind compliance, but relational two-way faith.

The beauty of (potential) parenthood is that it is a more attainable and relatable means to exercise unconditional love. As my wife and I try to conceive, I realize the special circumstance of love: imagine loving someone before he or she even exists. Isn’t this a great example of unconditional love? To love someone by default even if he or she is not yet born?

The child will learn to trust the parent as the parent exercises love and care for the child. It is through evidence that the child intuitively learns of love of the parent, but the parents know that they will love the child regardless. But the child is to young to think for one’s self, so they demonstrate evidences that they can be trusted.

Thinking of God as the Father (or even Mother) is a great relatable analogy. God knows what’s best, and He knows we’re too limited to fully understand that, so He proves Himself anyway.


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