Should we work on a Sunday?

Should we work on a Sunday?

John 5:1-16. Doing things on a sabbath day

Jesus healed a sick man during the sabbath, and He was persecuted by the Jews because He did this on a holy day (“Keep holy the Lord’s day.”)

Jesus justified His healing works in Mark 2:27, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”

What insight can we derive from this? Should we work on a sabbath or a Sunday?

The answer of Jesus seems to be: if doing something addresses an authentic human need or leads to integral human development, then do it. Isn’t this another way of keeping holy the Lord’s day?

Businesses should definitely avoid giving extra work on weekends, especially if it in the great scheme of things, it does not contribute to the integral flourishing of the employee or the manager. But at the same time, a manager who finds his vocation in his work may be inspired to work even on a holy day, if it does lead to his development or the flourishing of the stakeholders he collaborated with.

Each of us have different work styles and ways. What matters is we know why we’re working, and ideally, our work is not merely a source of income. Rather, our work should ideally be a source of spiritual nourishment too. And maybe, in these extraordinary circumstances, we can honor God through the good work we do.

But ordinarily, worship.

And of course, rest!


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