Faith is recognizing where reason ends

Faith is recognizing where reason ends

Luke 24:1-12. The women find out about the resurrection of Jesus

Personally, even if Jesus were only human, he still seems like a good role model to follow. His counterculture teachings — love and charity as the supreme commandments over self-preservation — are worth reflecting as standalone lessons.

The challenge with the resurrection is that it’s indeed incredible. A person who seeks to be reasonable can only rely on the testimony of those who came before, and in a way, I think this is what faith means. To witness saints put their lives on the line with explicitly good intentions, it can inspire faith in a benevolent God through Jesus.

Does the resurrection have to be literal to validate the loving teachings of Jesus? I don’t think so. In a sense, the parables already provide timeless lessons of love and going beyond the self. Are the parables and the gospels not yet very beautiful guides for living life?

If the resurrection indeed turns out to be true, and I can only have faith (not reason) that it is true, then we are blessed that God divinely revealed Himself at least once in our history. But if not, the story of Jesus the human provides enough inspiration already.

Whether Jesus is human only or indeed God Incarnate, we are able to appreciate Good through Him. And my mortalness can only view this as a blessing that keeps on blessing.


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