What does it mean to preach?

What does it mean to preach?

Mark 16:15-20. The disciples preached everywhere

In today’s context of constant information and communication, it is easy to transmit words. If by preach we mean “to talk about something”, there are many influencers and celebrities that do this for a living.

Since it is easy to communicate verbally or in a written manner, it is easier to fake. Hence, we have trolls and fake news purveyors in all parts of the internet. Everyone can be preachers of their own religions and cults. In a way, the age of information can also be seen as an age of mis- and disinformation, where appearances and bullshit can easily permeate the media we are exposed to.

Therefore, the reliability of the preacher cannot be contained anymore to the words one preaches. The preacher’s powers of persuasion rests on one’s track record of deeds. In a world where everyone can smith words, it is the virtuous virtuoso who can preach with the fullest authenticity.

Thus, the authentic preacher of the True Good has no choice but to play a consistent long game, where the preacher painstakenly aligns both the seen-experienced and the unseen. A fraudster, BS-er, or a liar cannot consistently align their spectacles with their narratives; there are bound to be slip ups.

But with truth and love as anchors, the authentic preacher will not get lost.


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