How can we know more about heaven?

How can we know more about heaven?

John 3:7b-15. “You must be born from above.”

My attempt at daily reflections has led me to arrive at a tentative insight: that our knowledge of heaven and the True Good can only be retroduced, as in, inferring causal mechanisms and interactions between entities through events we may directly or indirectly experience. In a way, my understanding is informed by the philosophies of Aquinas and Lonergan, and I appreciate how beautiful the notion of having the Primary Insight and Intelligent Designer as characterizations of God.

We can better know God through systems and ecologies that just make too much sense or are just so beautifully complex that it seems unreasonable to say that everything happens by accident. The opportunity for different entities to interact harmoniously, for me, suggests the beautiful mind of a Creator.

Knowing about heaven is indeed an iterative journey; testing the limits of our reason by tempering it with faith.

And in a way, aren’t managers and entrepreneurs capable of letting us have a taste of heaven by designing benevolent, just, and harmonious organizations? There is something romantic about framing our journeys as virtuous cycles, always in a state of betterment and flourishing.

In this sense, maybe heaven is less about a “perfect state” but more about a “virtuous cycle process”. If managers and entrepreneurs embrace a more humanistic and ecological vocation, maybe organizations, like churches, can help bring heaven on earth, even for just a little bit.


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