We all play roles in each other’s world-building stories

We all play roles in each other’s world-building stories

I have been integrating One Piece and other world-building stories in my reflections lately, maybe because re-reading the gospels can feel like “world-building” too. It’s very typical to look at the story’s main character or lead protagonist, who is in a sense, the one who receives more “air time” as arbitrarily framed by the narrator.

What I like about world-building kinds of stories is that the context allows for multiple characters to be developed and more opportunities for the readers to relate with characters aside from the supposed lead protagonist. More over, if we think about it, it’s harder to relate with the main protagonist because they are usually protected by plot armor, or in the case of Jesus, a literal deus ex machina!

This is why we can unlock more meaning in learning more about other characters in the story, like John the Baptist being the “precursor”; or “supporting characters” having their own dreams and aspirations.

This humbles the reader and even the main protagonist of the story; we all have a purpose in life and various roles to play for each other. Our stories can infinitely overlap with each other’s stories… So how should we choose the roles we play?

Do we insist on hogging the spotlight?

Do we insist on finding an antagonist to hate?

Or do we reflect on the context that surrounds us, find our niche, and help let be a beautiful world that is being co-created?

Maybe it’s time to re-read our favorite stories and go beyond the main protagonist. Maybe we can learn how we can better play various roles in each other’s world-building stories.

Luke 1:57-66, 80. John the Baptist in the desert


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